Economic & Ecological
Innovation Platform

At RGB, we aspire to scientifically reduce the impact the consumer goods lifecycle has on our planet.

Our goals are to minimize critical supply chain greenhouse gas emissions and their social impact and to creatively consider and solve for scalable economic and ecological innovative product changes.

We want to decrease the product’s lifecycle impact on the planet and its resources and to create regenerative and restorative processes that positively impact the environment.




The incubation process at RGB Innovations is focused on driving consumer insights into innovative new products designed to satisfy current, latent, emerging consumer demand.

Consumer Focused

Our data-driven, consumer-centric organization builds an operating model around a deep understanding of our consumers, what they value, and the contribution each makes to profitability


Satisfying Demand

Our consumer demand-based model orients the entire organization to satisfying unmet consumer needs, rather than customer priorities or supply drivers