Regenerative Philosophy

We aspire to scientifically reduce the impact the consumer goods lifecycle has on our planet.

Our goals are to minimize critical supply chain greenhouse gas emissions and their social impact, and to creatively consider and solve for scalable economical and ecologically innovative product changes.

We want to decrease the product’s lifecycle impact on the planet and its resources and to create regenerative and restorative processes positively impacting the environment.

2030 Objective

To change the consumer goods industry reducing product lifecycle impact by creatively considering and solving for scalable economic and ecological innovative product changes. Our goals are to minimize critical supply chain greenhouse gas emissions and go carbon-positive by 2030.

Ultimately, we want to create regenerative and restorative processes that positively impact the environment by capturing carbon both naturally and technologically.


In the US alone, people throw away over

300 Million

Pairs of Shoes

95%of those pairs end up in landfills for decades or centuries

We aspire to leave a legacy that surpasses mere products, one that shapes the future positively for generations. Our commitment extends beyond what we create; it's about making a lasting impact through innovation, ethics, and social responsibility. We believe in leaving a world better than we found it, not just for today but for those who will follow.


Regenerative Materials through Enhanced Biodegradability

RGB achieved Greenleaf Certification for a variety of enhanced biodegradable components such as injection and compression molded EVA components, sandals, midsoles, TPR outsoles, and a variety of PU foams.

For accessible consumer brands and products, increasing the use of recycled or sustainably sourced content can make them less accessible or reduce performance characteristics. These manufacturer’s products will still leave an environmental impact as they sit in landfills or oceans for decades or even centuries.

Leaders in Sustainability

Our unwavering commitment to eco-conscious practices permeates every facet of our operations. From carefully sourced materials to streamlined manufacturing processes, we prioritize sustainability at every step. Moreover, we continually explore innovative solutions such as utilizing recycled materials and fostering product longevity to minimize environmental impact. Our leadership in sustainability extends beyond our products and influences our entire supply chain, advocating for a more environmentally responsible future within the industry. We're not just meeting today's standards; we're raising the bar for a more sustainable tomorrow.